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Per Capita Rates per member 2022:

Former Sacramento Presbytery Churches: $30.26

General Assembly $8.98 (unchanged from 2020), Synod $5.22 (unchanged from 2014), Presbytery $15.06, Pastor Emergency Care $1

Former Stockton Presbytery Churches: $26.74

General Assembly $8.98, Synod $5.22, Presbytery $12.54


Rates are based on based on membership at the end of 2020.

Per Capita rates are not “bills” or “dues” that are “charged” to members. This is a gift we invite a congregation (not just members) to give as part of a larger faith community rather than just “our own.” Consider giving at least this much. Not everyone can give this, so we help cover each other as part of our covenantal relationship with the larger denomination.


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